NMCC Falcon E-Sports

NMCC Falcon E-Sports




The NMCC Falcons are part of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) and compete in multiple games ranging from sports, to fantasy, to first-person action. Falcon athletes participate year-round training and face off against other higher education institutions including the Central Maine Community College Mustangs. Student athletes are required to attend practice, strategy sessions, and league competitions, while maintaining a strong GPA and logging consistent hours in the on-campus wellness center.


Gaming takes place in the new esports command center, located off the library on NMCC campus, Presque Isle.


Equipment breakdown:

  • MSI Infinite X270 gaming machines with Intel Core i9 9900K processors and GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards
  • 27” MSI curved displays
  • All peripherals are competition-grade, manufactured by Razer
  • Accented RGB lighting
  • 75″ Promethean active-panel display for streaming and strategic breakdowns

For more information on the new esports athletic program, click here to read the press release or contact us directly.




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